Active Multimedia SFX Library (downloadable version - MP3)
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Sound Effects Demo - High Quality Sound Effects Demo - Low Quality Musical Effects Demo - High Quality Musical Effects Demo - Low Quality
"Active Multimedia SFX library" is a great collection of 500 newest Sound & Musical Effects specially designed for use in such multimedia projects as Flash, Web, Games, Programs, Presentations as well as for Video, Radio, TV, Film production etc. Here you'll find perfect sounds for different events and actions such as intros, endings, fades, logos, transitions, buttons, movements, sliders, menus, pop-up, rollovers, notifications, warnings and much more...! Just listen to demos!

All sound files are ready for immediate use and grouped by the following categories: Blows, Clicks & Knocks, Computers & Robots, Deep & Hard, Electronic Signals, High Tech, Noise FXs, Notifications, Space Matter, Static & Electric and Musical Effects.

All sound files in MP3 format - 192 kbps.


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