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Unit Price:   USD 92.87 
Total:   USD 92.87
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USD 92.87
Delivery:   License key
Platform:   Mac OS X, 10.6.0 or later
Version:   2.10.10
Language:   English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Norwegian, Chinese (traditional)
General requirements:   Macintosh computer with an Intel processor. Min. 2 GB of physical RAM (4 GB or more of physical RAM recommended). Mac OS X 10.6.0 or later (Mac OS X 10.8.0 or later recommended). Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks and Yosemite compatible! Display with at least 1024-by-768-pixel resolution. About 100 MB of disk space required to install iTaskX.
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iTaskX is a full featured, MS Project compatible project management tool for Mac OS X. It helps you carry out large business projects, media activities or detailed time schedules. It adapts to your working processes and ensures an overview on you targets, dates, costs and the current status of your projects.

Hard facts for professionals
iTaskX offers all necessary functions to organize, track, and manage your projects. For example, over 60 task fields with calculations for slack time, effort-driven scheduling, overtime, cost accruals, WBS codes, critical tasks and varying calendars for project, timescale, tasks and resources will give you the functionality to deliver your ideas on schedule, effectively and professionally. Furthermore iTaskX supports now multiple task splits.

Features that you do not want to miss
iTaskX offers opportunities beyond the capabilities of most project management applications like: custom row heights (in all tables), custom fonts, custom bar labels, bar styles, text styles, custom background colors, supports graphics and images in schedules, print preview, footers, templates, dockable inspectors, multiple selections, resource import from address book, attach documents to every task... Thanks to the flexible and powerful features that come with iTaskX, you have practically endless creative possibilities to explore.

iTaskX also offers a wide variety of help functions like:
  • comprehensive help files which contain 3 areas to choose from: Help, Dialogues & Sheets and Hints.
  • a built-in Guide that steps through all important management steps with each having a definition so no one can feel they don’t understand what is required.
  • the iTaskX Movie Guide with easy-to-follow videos to get familiar with iTaskX.
Plays well with others!
iTaskX offers a high degree of compatibility, letting you easily exchange your documents over Industry-Standard formats like MS Project MPP (read), MS Project XML or MS Project MPX.
Via this formats it is possible to exchange e.g. besides all calendars, resources (persons/material), baseline, more than sixty additional task fields. Therefore iTaskX can be regarded as a milestone for exchanging documents with MS Project. You also have the option to save or open OPML files, text files (Tab or Comma delimited), ICS (iCal) files. So iTaskX plays well with Omni Outliner, Excel, Filemaker, iCal...
Of course, you can also save every view in iTaskX as PDF, JPG, EPS, PNG and TIF.

iTaskX - Multiple Hosts 5
For using on 5 computers.
Unit Price:   USD 417.90 
Total:   USD 417.90
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USD 417.90
Delivery:   License key
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iTaskX - Multiple Hosts 10
For using on 10 computers.
Unit Price:   USD 766.15 
Total:   USD 766.15
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USD 766.15
Delivery:   License key
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iTaskX - Multiple Hosts 25
For using on 25 computers.
Unit Price:   USD 1,741.26 
Total:   USD 1,741.26
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USD 1,741.26
Delivery:   License key
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iTaskX - Education
For using on unlimited computers in a educational institution.
Unit Price:   USD 2,902.09 
Total:   USD 2,902.09
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USD 2,902.09
Delivery:   License key
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