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Comfort Clipboard Lite
Unit Price:   USD 9.95 
Total:   USD 9.95
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USD 9.95
Delivery:   License key
Platform:   Windows Server 2003, Windows 2000, Windows XP x32, XP Tablet PC, Windows Vista x32
Version:   3.1
Language:   English, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, French, Dutch, Swedish, Russian, Polish, Hungarian, Greek
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Comfort Clipboard is a clipboard manager.

Why do you particularly need Comfort Clipboard?

  • Comfort Clipboard supports all known data formats. It keeps the clipboard history that you can use to paste the selected fragment again.
  • With Comfort Clipboard, you will always be sure that data will be saved even in case of a power failure or a system crash.
  • You will gain full control over your clipboard and will be able to use it at 100% capacity.

Advanced features:

  • Any number of saved fragments without slowing down the performance. 30 fragments are saved by default.
  • Quickly pasting text from the manager with a shortcut key.
  • Pasting a fragment in any available format because the copied information is saved in the clipboard in several formats at once.
  • Previewing saved fragments in a comfortable window.
  • Displaying additional information about saved fragments:
    • The icon of the fragment format the way it is defined in your system.
    • The icon of the application the fragment was copied to the clipboard from.
    • Brief additional information about each fragment according to its format.
    • Displaying the list of all available formats.
  • Customizing the appearance of the main window of the manager.

It is completely compatible with Microsoft® Windows Vista, XP and 2000.

We are sure that you will certainly find the features that you exactly need.

Comfort Clipboard Pro
Unit Price:   USD 19.95 
Total:   USD 19.95
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USD 19.95
Delivery:   License key
Language:   English, German