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Diafaan SMS Server - basic edition
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Diafaan SMS Server - basic edition Send and receive SMS messages from and to a web server, e-mail, SQL database or C#/Visual Basic .NET script with Diafaan SMS Server. Simply attach a GSM modem to your PC/server or set up a Clickatell account, use a wizard to add the SMS gateway and connections to the database, web server or e-mail and your SMS gateway is ready for use. Whether you need to keep in touch with your customers, co-workers or team members, Diafaan SMS Server - basic edition offers great features. The basic edition supports four GSM modems, Clickatell accounts or scripting gateways and up to four web servers, e-mail servers, SQL databases or C#/Visual Basic .NET scripts. Diafaan SMS Server is easy to use and offers robust features like full Unicode support for international characters, flash SMS and support for long SMS messages. It has a comprehensive logging of sent and received messages and events plus an optional e-mail notification of error events. The built-in web server allows you so send and receive SMS messages with a HTTP GET or POST command. Or you can use the built-in SMTP server or a connection to a POP server to convert e-mail messages to SMS. If you already have your contact information in a database like Access, Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server, it is very easy to use the SQL interface to add the capability to send and receive SMS messages to your contacts. And last but not least, you can use the powerfull C# or Visual Basic .NET scripting to send SMS messages and handle received SMS messages.

Diafaan SMS Server - light edition
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USD 195.00
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