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With DEVONthink 2, you no longer have to swim in a sea of Web bookmarks, email receipts, RSS feeds, snippets of Web pages, Post-it notes, and phone company bills. DEVONthink stores your electronic documents and clippings, helps you scan and store all the paper that arrives at your office, and gives you a centralized way of searching for any piece of information that has come into your life.

But mastering all that power can take effort, and Joe Kissell's Take Control of Getting Started with DEVONthink 2 — created in partnership with DEVONtechnologies — has the calm, thorough, and real-world advice you need to understand how DEVONthink can bring order to your information life. Joe's suggestions aren't just theoretical—he has relied on DEVONthink and a ScanSnap scanner to eliminate paper records from his life.

The ebook includes a special introductory screencast that gives you a feel for what DEVONthink 2 can do for you, and some of the best ways of working with the program.

More Info

After covering essential DEVONthink vocabulary and concepts, Joe helps you start using DEVONthink effectively. You'll learn how to:

  • Get around in the interface
  • Decide how many databases you need and set them up
  • Determine whether to input or index data
  • Configure where incoming data will go
  • Import data from many different applications
  • Input data from a scanner, including OCR options
  • Use grouping and tagging to organize data
  • Use simple (or sophisticated) techniques for searching
  • Create smart groups that automatically gather newly imported data
  • Edit data in DEVONthink (or externally)
  • Export data out of DEVONthink
  • Back up and maintain healthy databases

Questions answered in the book include:

  • What is DEVONthink especially good for, and what should be left to other programs?
  • What kinds of data can I import? (Short answer: Nearly everything!)
  • Which of DEVONthink's many views should I use?
  • When I import data from different sources, where does it end up, and why?
  • Is it better to sort imported data right away, or leave it for later?
  • Should I group my data, tag it, or both?
  • What are duplicates and replicants, and how can I tell them apart?
  • Which types of data can be created or edited within DEVONthink?
  • How do I make my DEVONthink database accessible via the Web?
  • Are there any Automator or AppleScript options for DEVONthink? (Hint: Yes!)