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TurboVB is an integrated and highly configurable Add-in tool for Microsoft® Visual Basic 6 - a major enhancement to the VB IDE. Its main purpose is to remove the repetitive elements to programming in VB allowing you to focus on more important tasks.

Two examples of the add-ins are Procedure Recoder and Property Builder. One of the main functions of Procedure Recoder is the creating and/or updating of Procedure Headers. A procedure without a header will have one created for it based on the settings in the Options. If the procedure has a header it will be updated to reflect the procedures structure, say a parameter name has been changed, the header will be changed to reflect it. This functionality requires just 3 mouse clicks in a VB code window.

Property Builder will create the required Get/Let/Set property procedures for you, as well as the private variable the property uses. Each of the Add-ins and the Options are fully described in the TurboVB help file.

The tool contains a total of forty two add-ins, you have a 31 day trial.

Once registered you get all updates free and free support!

TurboVB comes with a site licence as standard!