Professional User Interface Suite (Prof-UIS)
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Prof-UIS is a feature rich and powerful VC++/MFC library that provides newest GUI components and solutions: - Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 and Office 2000/XP/2003 themes changeable on-the-fly; - resizable control bar, which supports docking into dynamic tab containers with detachable tabs; - docking markers and autohide feature; - dynamic resizable control bars for displaying their content as MDI/SDI documents; - customizable toolbars, menus, and keyboard accelerators; - ALT customization; - feature rich dockable toolbar and menu bar; - consistent resizable combo/edit/date fields in toolbars and menus; - built-in toolbar button with a drop-down menu; - chevron button; - undo/redo buttons; - color picker toolbar buttons with color pop-up menus; - sliders/scroll bars in toolbars and pop-up menus; - support for alpha icons; - OLE Automation support; - tab page container control; - One Note, Whidbey and flat tab control, MDI tabs, and tab page container; - rich pop-up menu window; - system menu for the MDI/SDI main frame and MDI child frame windows; - icon editor dialog; - image editor control which supports icons and bitmaps of any color depth; - color selection dialog box, which supports fifteen different color picker modes; - Microsoft Office-like color picker control, color picker menu and VS .NET-like color palette; - enhanced resizable dialog; - enhanced resizable property sheet and resizable property page; - page container control; - toolbox control similar to that available in Visual Studio .NET and Visual Studio 2005; - page navigator control; - Microsoft Outlook-like date picker control; - date time picker and time duration controls; - edit and combo box with optional auto-complete, flat/semi-flat style and context menu consistent with supported GUI themes; - enhanced push button, check box, radio button, and group box controls; - hyperlink control; - enhanced status bar control; - splitter window; - content pop-up window; - data grid and property grid; - 25 localizations, RTL support; - multiple profile GUI persistence; - and much more!