"ZoomBlaster Photo-Web" - Multimedia Viewing/Printing software system

Upload pictures from your Mobile Phone, email address, or PC to Web-Album at  Zoom in on images using ZoomBlasters unique viewing tool.  Print posters as big as a house, or thumbnail any number of pictures to one printable page. 

Key System Features

Your own hosted Web Album at (upload / share your pictures with friends, relatives or colleagues)

Zoom in on images on web pages in Internet Explorer
Print Massive posters (up to 10s of meters in size)
Image Zooming in and moving around tool (record movements)
Enhanced Thumbnail System
Batch Processing - including resize, type and quality conversion
Slideshow system
Video Thumbnailing/Viewing
Thumbnail Printing
Image editing

WebManager - use this interface for easy management your web album.  Upload images with a single button click.  Create long picture descriptions.  Receive viewer comments by email.  Fully automatic thumbnail and presentation system.  Create categories for your pics eg 'Weekend', 'Holiday' or 'Personal'.  Optional password system allows protection of non-public categories.

ZoomBrowser, the central application of the system exists as a tool for thumbnailing images and videos for rapid display and management. Thumbnailing is performed on a selected folder and can include subfolders too.   Thumbnail windows can be printed or saved as an image file.  An automated system looks after the managment of thumnail images which are optionally stored for rapid loading.  ZoomBrowser allows images to be selected for ZoomBlasting, Poster Printing, Thumbnail Printing, Editing, BatchProcessing etc. Zoombrowser supports slideshow creation for viewing with ZoomBlaster.

ZoomBrowser Features

Powerful thumb-nailing tool for searching out images on a system
Supports graphical selection of items for batch processing or individual selection
Rapid loading facilitated by auto-generated thumbnails
Slide-show or "Sequence" generator
Resizable thumbnail system makes for a versatile display
Fully resizable window that retains all settings after shutdown
Video thumb-nailing supported
Encryption system for security of sensitive images
Batch conversion incuding resize, type and quality conversion

ZoomBlaster is a tool for visually exploring and presenting images.  ZoomBlaster enables real-time zooming in and out on different areas of an image creating an animated video affect. These explorations may be recorded and played back later.  ZoomBlaster displays any number of images in a given location (including subfolders) as a unique "Auto-Sequence" presentation. ZoomBlaster can display pre-created sequences from the ZoomBrowser application. Various settings for the speed of playback and image presentation are supported.  ZoomBlaster supports DirectX for speed and use of Alpha-Blending technology for image enhancement when enlarging.

ZoomBlaster Features

Real-time zooming in on images - ZoomBlasting
Create / playback ZoomShows
Run a slideshow of every image on your computer in auto-sequence mode
Run pre-created Slide Shows
Blast images from your web browser - Browser Blasting

ZoomPrinter - Designed to enlarge pictures to anything from a page to truly massive images spanning hundreds of pages. DirectX is used for quality enhancement when enlarging.  Individuals pages (sections of the image) can be printed and an automated print facility assists with the printing of all images accross several sessions if required.  ThumbPrinter can auto-fit any number of images to a single page or multiple pages allowing printing thumbnails in any size - very useful for printing many images such as the contents of a camera in one easy operation.

ZoomPrinter Features

Enlarge pictures to print in huge proportions spanning many (up to hundreds) pages.
Quality enhacement using DirectX's AlphaBlend technology.
Full graphical display.
Autoprint facility to track printning accross numerous computer sessions.
Print Thumbnails - autofit to one page.
Print Thumbnails across specified number of pages - ZoomPrinter autofits image size.

Platform:   Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 95, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP x32, 9x 2000 XP
Version:   3.7
Language:   English

ZoomBlaster Photo-Web + 50 image web album
Unit Price:   USD 39.00 
Total:   USD 39.00
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USD 39.00
Delivery:   License key by e-mail
Platform:   Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 95, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP x32
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ZoomBlaster Photo-Web Standard (10 image web album)
Unit Price:   USD 29.00 
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USD 29.00
Delivery:   License key by e-mail
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ZoomBlaster Photo-Web + 1000 image web album
Unit Price:   USD 49.00 
Total:   USD 49.00
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USD 49.00
Delivery:   License key by e-mail
Platform:   Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 95, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP x32
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