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Solvius is an information manager that allows you to organize and annotate all your information, whether it is on your computer, network or on the Internet. The original documents and files are untouched, but Solvius allows you to bookmark and organize them into catalogs where you can annotate them. Keywords help you to locate entries quickly.

Descriptions will give you quick information about webpages and files without the need to open them. Ratings provide you with information on how you valued webpages and documents. (You may create your own rating system). When using secure files and websites, you may store a username and/or password with an entry. To protect this information you can encrypt catalogs. Catalogs can be private or shared.

Solvius includes two powerful search mechanisms, a keyword filter with incremental search and a powerful search engine. Both will help you to quickly find your vital information. A convenient drag 'n drop and copy/paste interface will accept links direct from your browser, desktop, explorer, e-mail and documents. With a single click you open the webpage in your browser, or a document with its associated program. A wizard lets you import your existing favorites or bookmarks and can create catalogs out of a folder structure that contains your documents, resources and projects.

Appearance and behavior are configurable.