RSP Bzip2 Compression OCX
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Version:   2.0.0
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ActiveX OCX to compress files in the Bzip2 and Bzip3 format

What is new in version 2.0.0 (Thu Nov 15 11:38:26 2007) : Added the new Bzip3 format, the new Bzip3 format can compress files up to 2^63 or 9.223.372.036 gigabytes and has also MD5 as the integrity check , also stores attributes and file time , the Bzip3 mode can be used with the functions CompressBzip3 and DecompressBzip3 , use the old Bzip2 mode only if you really need Bzip2 compatibility , the old Bzip2 mode has a file size limit of 2 GB , notice also that a Bzip3 file is not a Bzip2 and vice-versa , both formats has different headers , the Bzip2 header is "BZh" and the Bzip3 header is "RSPB", minor bugs fixed