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CamZoomer :: Description

You know how much does motorized Pan-Tilt-Zoom Camera cost?
Starting from $850

With CamZoomer you get the same features with usual webcam connected via USB or CamCoder!
How much USB webcam costs? $30
CamZoomer? Just $29.95

You get everything just for $60! What could be cheaper?

I. Main features:

  1. 8x Digital ZOOM
  2. 45 Degrees PAN (depends on camera)
  3. 45 Degrees TILT (depends on camera)
  4. Control from your keyboard (keypad) (move left/right/up/down, zoom +/-)
  5. Works with all webcam applications
  6. Allows to run few webcam applications with only one webcam device (CamSplitter integrated)
  7. Pan-Tilt-Zoom settings indication on the picture
  8. Simple setup
  9. FREE Trial download

II. How it works?
USB based webcams usually support different resolutions for video and very often maximum is 640x480 (VGA). But that resolution is not using in most cases, we use only 320x200 or so for online video conferencing purposes, because 640x480 is too big for real-time video over the internet. This allows to do zooming and moving your camera!

CamZoomer is a middleware application between webcam application and a real webcam driver. It takes video from real webcam in the maximum allowed resolution and transfers it to webcam application with another dimensions. That allows to do 2x ZOOM without loosing of quality and then using digital zoom it makes zoom up to 8x and it still nice looking. That allows emulating panning and tilting of camera. Try this out, just download FREE trial limited by small notification string reminding to register.

III. Software and hardware requirements:
  1. Pentium 400 with 64MB RAM or better
  2. Webcam connected to computer
  3. Windows NT/2000/XP/2003

CamSplitter is a software to run FEW applications simulteniously using only ONE webcam!
Unit Price:   USD 29.95 
Total:   USD 29.95
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USD 29.95
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