XTerm Medical Dictionary
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Platform:   Win CE / Pocket PC, Palm OS, Pocket PC
Version:   1.0
Language:   English
Compatible devices:   All ARM, MIPS, SH3 processors. Tested on: Acer N10, N20/W; Asustek 6000, 6200; Audiovox; Cassiopeia; Dell X3; Fujitsu-Siemens; Hitachi G1000; HP-Compaq; Medion; Mitac; Nec/ Packard Bell Pocketgear; O2 XDA; Q-Tek; Samsung I700; Siemens; TDS Recon; T-Mobile; Toshiba.
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XTerm Medical Dictionary is a professional medical dictionary, with detailed definitions suitable for medical students, graduate students and practitioners. Application can be installed on main memory or expansion devices (e.g. SD).
Dictionary's engine allows you to browse, search with wildcards or unknown spelling for terms, and look in definitions. Unit converter contains 16 categories and more than 120 units. XTerm has different medical calculators for FENa, half life, serum osmolarity, BMI etc. All features are explained, just tap the "I".
After purchase you will receive the key to unlock the version for your processor (ARM, MIPS or SH3).
The license allows you to download all updates for the next 12 months.

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